ARTIST STATEMENT I was born in a low-income family. My dad's literacy was grade five and my mother was illiterate. I started rug weaving in family when I was 6 years old and ended when I was 22 at university. I graduated at pharmacy in 2001. With rich background in rug and later in graphic and art fields, I decided to express my thoughts and ideas through rug medium which I think it is groundbreaking. I would like not only craft my own designs but also as an artist I am keen to participate people' feelings, thoughts and ideas in my works which I assume it is innovative. My main style is "Symbolism" but I would like to experience others too, because art is limitless and it is the beauty and uniqueness of it. I try to combine different weaving styles, designs, dyeing, forms, materials to create piece of art to tell my story or clients.
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