Natural dyes and also chemical.

It depends on the design and size.

Yes. All of them marked by “BIKAS” and dated as part of the design.

Yes. All of my works come with individual photos and videos of production process from designing, dyeing, weaving and shaving.

Yes. A certificate which is handwritten and fingerprinted to avoid any fake issues.

The price is offered by clients.

It depends on design, size and materials.

Yes. All offers are welcome and I think with collaboration we can craft better and eye-catching masterpieces.

You need to write a proposal about your desires and wants and if possible, send me any images to better understand your order.

There is a formal contract for any order. They can be written and signed in any nominated embassy (Commerce Section) or formal places by clients in Tehran or London.

As our rugs are expensive, we will hand them to nominated place by clients in Tehran or London.

Just by client’s nominated guaranteed post from London.

I will issue a dated “Guarantee Cheque” which is convertible to cash at any moment along with formal contract.

As mentioned in site, contact ways are: WhatsApp: 0098 914 400 5003 Email: bikasdaniel at gmail .com